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The world has lost an amazing human being...

RIP Peter Steele.

I will rock my band shirt tomorrow. :(


Meant to post this on Sunday, but I was totally exhausted after the night before's hijinks.
  • So the go-going for Perish fell through at the last minute, and even though that whole thing ended up being a massively frustrating clusterfuck, it all worked out in the end.
  • I ended up modeling for Tactical Corsetery afterall, which was a really awesome decision. I think we all looked awesome and while the stage show was a bit clumsy most people said it looked like a hot mess, which is still good. :D
  • This Fetish Ball was by far the best one yet. I really hope they end up doing it again. The first one I ended up just hiding backstage the whole night and the second one was just kind of boring. This one had tons of fun, awesome people, and lots of random silliness. <3
  • I don't care what anyone says Perish ended up being really really nice and apologized for not using me in the act. He also invited me to join the Hollywood Klowns if I ever want to go-go down in LA. I don't really like clowns, but I so will take him up on this at some point.

Hopefully there will be video at some point here and we can all laugh and point at my blind ass wandering confusedly on the catwalk.
(I was wearing an eyepatch so I couldn't see very well, lol)

Rock your ass off!!

Hey sexy go go bitches!!

Are you free this Saturday?

Do you have lots of energy, are an experienced dancer, and are so fabulous you make the universe nearly implode just by existing within this realm of reality?

Well then send me a message and I may want to refer you for a fantastic gig!!

As far as I know the gig doesn't pay, but it will look REALLY REALLY good on your go go resume as it is dancing during a performance of one of the most infamous fetish performers of the moment!!

Stuff and things

I really need to get back into blogging. I've been completely slacking for the past 6 months. Let's see.. As far as super recent stuff:

I'm working on getting my hair almost white. It's kind of funky and fried at the moment, but I think one more lift and it should be pretty awesome, this sort of has to do with the next two things in my life..

Still doing the job hunt thing. I figured if I go a more natural shade it'll open a lot more doors as far as places I can apply at. Hate hate hate looking for jobs. I adore having a job, but the whole hunt is so irritating.

I'm going to be in the Von Gutenburg fashion show next week at DNA. Don't know what time I'm walking or any details yet, but I think the ball at DNA will be so so so much better than the previous ones at Supperclub. Those were pretty sucky. Hopefully I can get my hair to a presentable state before next Saturday.

In the process of completely remaking myself, which is always fun. I'm totally broke these days, so I've been trading tons of stuff for things more suiting my current tastes. It benefits everyone and doesn't cost anything. :)

For the most part I'm completely estatic about the state of my life at the moment. I'm lacking a lot of things I used to have access to, which sucks.. But I also have lots of new awesome things available to me, so I can handle it. <3

Just because I want an excuse to put something on LJ and this question is interesting..

How would you describe your life so far in a six-word sentence? How often would your 'life sentence' change?

First question listed was submitted by xxsexyfangsxx. (Follow-up questions, if any, may have been added by LiveJournal.)

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If you're talking about "so far" being my life in general up to now:
"Break down, Build up, Rinse, Repeat."

If you're talking about the current state of my life at this moment:
"Definitely did not see that coming."


Oh Livejournal, when did you die so epically?

I feel like Facebook is to blame, but I just don't know anymore.

If I didn't use this account to sell my cyber crap I don't think I'd even bother logging in anymore.

I actually kind of miss using LJ, it doesn't have all that excess bulky crap and you kind of can't post unless you have something to say.

Oh wells. I'll still poke around now and then anyways.

Stuff for sale

Stuff I've got for sale or trade (Would prefer trading, just so y'know!).
Prices are negotiable:

(This isn't anywhere near to being all of it, but just a glimpse of what's available. Probably going to use a lot of stock photos cuz I'm lazy and everything is in mint condition unless I state otherwise.)

SIZE LARGE lace waist cincher. Feels like it has steel boning in it. Worn lightly, but doesn't show it.

$25 Cyberdog pink and black xxlong armwarmers:

$40 Demonia Coffin Heel boots Size 7. I wear an 8 1/2 and can jam my feet in these. Slightly scuffed on the inside of the feet from light wear.

$30 Brand New Switch Blade Stiletto Buckle pleated striped dress MEDIUM:  

$20 Brand New Allure Vinyl PINK and Black lace-up bustier . Just the top, no skirt. SMALL:

$75 Shaman Pink Cyber Crop Jacket with zip off pointed hood. SMALL:

$30 Allure Baby Pink vinyl corset SMALL (Slight damage to a few of the grommets, but otherwise it's fine):

$55 Neon pink to blonde dreads with a few pink to purple.. I believe there's 80, but I'll need to recount. They're not on ribbon right now, but I can put them on something if you're not going to use them as extensions:

$100 Huge set of DOUBLE ENDED pink to black dreads.. Believe this is a 40 count, but I'll need to double check. Friggin' massive!

That's all for the moment until I get the camera out and start shooting stuff, which I may do later. Can take pics of anything listed if you want to see the actual item.

**Stuff I want**

Looking for super sexed up Corp goth stuff..
Also just general fetishy/bondage/sexy stuff
I like vinyl and latex
I want sexy heels.. Totally in love with Bordello right now. Also thigh high patent heels with buckles. I wear a size 8 or 9 depending on the brand.
Prefer things in black, pinstripe, dark pink, or red.
Love gloves and random accessories/jewelry
Corsets and waist cinchers
MAC Makeup Pigment Samples

Might also be interested in falls/extensions


It's pretty crazy when you read through your year's blog posts all the stuff that's happened..

I've seriously made a massive 360 in my life and am somewhere I never ever thought I'd be.

I also haven't posted on here in like forever.

But I haz teh mazzive lurvs for you peeples.

You made it an interesting and weird year.

Here's to next year's being not sucky!

And speaking of the New Year, what is everyone doing for this one?
Me and John don't have plans yet because we are apparently very good at procrastinating.

Meow Meow.


So as much as I despise the Holidays, I find Thanksgiving to not be all that bad. It gives me a chance to cook and feed my friends, without all the silly Holiday cheer thing being involved.

Anyways, I know that John Adams won't be hosting any kind of get together this year, and I haven't heard much going on for all us people with no where to go.. I realize MEAT is at night, but I'm looking for a daytime-type gathering outside the club before hand. Is there something going on that I missed? Is there a whole bunch of us with no plans? Maybe someone should arrange something? Thoughts? Ideas? Something else?

Drink, Drank, Drunk.

Anyone up for some bars before Gilman tonite should text me! :D
I don't know where we're going yet, but you all should join in!